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American Farm School milk, light (1.5% fat) milk, yogurt, and Omega 3 eggs are available at select stores in Thessaloniki and Athens, as are turkeys during the Christmas season. Traditional Greek pasta products ("hilopites" and "trachanas" ) made from American Farm School wheat, fresh pasteurized milk and Omega 3 eggs, are sold in selected stores in those two urban centers as well, as is the Xinomavro red wine from the Educational Vineyard and Winery.

Historic Facts

Τhe American Farm School of Thessaloniki became known for its milk shortly after its founding in 1904. Students delivered milk from the School’s first Guernsey cows to the Red Cross station operating at the port of Thessaloniki, for distribution to refugee families from the Balkan Wars and from World War I and its aftermath in Asia Minor. In 1935, the School introduced fresh pasteurized cow’s milk to Greece by opening the first milk pasteurizing and bottling plant. A state-of-the-art Educational Dairy and Milk Processing Training Center opened on campus in 2010 allowing introduction of innovative new dairy products in addition to the fresh pasteurized whole milk that is prized as the best in Greece. Light milk (1.5% fat) and traditional Greek yogurt have entered the Greek market as of 2012 and other new milk-based products are under development.
Staff and students working in the poultry unit of the School’s Educational Farm are responsible for the production of eggs for retail sale. All American Farm School eggs are the Omega-3 egg, developed through joint Aristotle University-American Farm School research in the early 1990s, and introduced to the Greek consumer in 1997 – making it the first Omega 3 egg to enter the Greek market. The diet American Farm School hens are fed contains a percentage of flaxseed (linseed) that results in eggs that contain lower levels of cholesterol, and are rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids.  American Farm School turkeys and broilers are also fed linseed and aromatic plants of Mediterranean flora that result in Omega 3 fatty acid content and delicate flavor, characteristics that are highly appreciated by consumers.
The School introduced fresh turkeys to the Greek market in the 1970s. Today, consumers continue to benefit from the American Farm School’s ongoing research programs in poultry nutrition and meat quality. Sold fresh, and only for a limited period, these turkeys earn highest marks with consumers in terms of freshness, appearance, taste and nutritional value. In April 2013, the Educational Farm, in partnership with one of the leaders of Greece’s agrofood industry, introduced a new product to the Greek delicatessen market: finest quality smoked turkey cold cuts made exclusively from American Farm School turkeys.
Traditional Greek pasta products “hilopites” and “trachanas”, made from hard durum wheat raised on the School’s Educational Farm, the School’s fresh pasteurized milk and the School’s Omega 3 eggs, entered the specialty shops and supermarkets of Athens and Thessaloniki in 2011.
American Farm School students take an active part in all dairy and poultry production, as they do in the School’s Educational Vineyard and Winery that is known for the excellence of its traditional Greek Xinomavro red varietal wine. Students also produce and market quantities of broilers, winter and summer vegetables, legumes such as lentils and chickpeas, rice, aromatic plants, olive oil and honey, as well as fresh cut flowers including lilies, tulips, anemones and freesias. 
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